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Communications Strategy

Colchester Borough Council is currently reviewing the organisation's communications strategy.

Colchester Borough Council is currently reviewing the organisation's communications strategy.

The work of the communications team consists of:

Internal communications

  • WayWeWork change programme 
  • Work with the senior management team to organise listening and communications events and activities
  • Management of the CBC brand, ensuring the guidelines are implemented correctly throughout the whole organisation
  • Analysis and recommendation in order to deliver more sustainable options in relation to printing solutions across the organisation such as paper (quality and quantity) and the number of printers needed
  • Coordination and day to day management of the MFD's and other printers around the organisation in conjunction with other printers

Media Relations and planning

  • Raise the profile and increase the brand awareness/reputation of CBC at a national, regional and local level
  • Proactively generate news stories, attend media briefings, suggest feature articles and communicate key messages
  • Develop and update a year planner detailing all communications activity across the Council in all service areas
  • Provide statements, attend photo calls and press launches as required

Networks and Relationships

  • Represent the Council on working groups and panels (including the Marketing Coordination group and 'Communicating Colchester') as required to provide practical and strategic advice on the use of graphic design and communications generally at a corporate level to ensure the Council's reputation is maintained and high standards are in place
  • To advise the Chief Executive, Senior Management Team and the Cabinet on all communication issues both internally and externally to ensure a consistent, customer-orientated approach to these areas across the Council
  • Day to day management of suppliers including liaising with our printing suppliers and designers including communication to Managing Director level within Alpha Print
  • Day to day liaison with Councillors, specifically the Cabinet and the Communications and customer service Portfolio Holder
  • Attendance at out of hours meetings, including Cabinet, Scrutiny and full council in order to assist the media in attendance
  • Provide communications advice to colleagues within regeneration and across the Council as well as with key stakeholders

Media Training

  • Design and deliver a media training programme the Cabinet and staff as required


  • Manage the development, publication and dissemination of the three core Council publications: Courier, OneWayWeWork and Common Ground


  • Develop an activity plan to help promote Firstsite: Newsite which will help to build a reputation campaign for the Council and their funding partners
  • A proactive communications programme to support regeneration activity which includes a double-page feature in every edition of the Courier, press releases and public engagement activity
  • Production of the St Botolph's trader's newsletter to ensure traders are kept informed of developments in the area
  • Development of the regeneration website and promotion of the site to residents, key stakeholders and internally.