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Empty Properties

Council Tax Charges on Second or Empty Homes

The Council Tax we charge on second homes and some empty homes changed on 1 April 2013. The government changed the law to allow councils to vary the amount of council tax they charge for some empty properties.

This was to encourage people to bring empty homes back into use as quickly as possible.

Unoccupied and Unfurnished Properties

  • If you have a property that is unoccupied and substantially unfurnished, you will pay 100% Council Tax from the point the property becomes unoccupied.
  • You will also pay 100% Council Tax if your property is undergoing or in need of major structural repairs/alterations.

Second Homes 

  • If you have a second home, you will pay 100% Council Tax on it. Typically, a second home is a furnished property that is not a main home
  • If you leave a property empty because you have to live somewhere else for work purposes we may be able to apply a discount.  Please email us so we can obtain further details.

Long-term empty properties

  • If your property has been unoccupied and substantially unfurnished for longer than two years, you will pay 150% Council Tax.

In certain circumstances, an empty property may be exempt from Council Tax. Please click here to find out more about these exemptions.