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How is your Council Tax worked out?

This page provides you with everything you need to know about where Council Tax goes.

You can click on each of the links below for each authority to see how each calculates and spends the Council Tax.

If you have any further queries about Council Tax, send them by email to

or call 01206 282300.

  • What is Council Tax?

    Council Tax is the way local councils and some police authorities raise the money to pay for their services. All homes have to pay Council Tax - the amount you have to pay will depend on the valuation band your home has been placed in by the Valuation Office. At least one person in each household is responsible for paying Council Tax. They are called the liable person.

  • Essex County Council Council Tax expenditure

    Information about how Essex County Council spends the money it receives

  • What does it pay for?

    This year, we need to collect about £88 million through the Council Tax put it into a separate fund called the Collection Fund. This is shared between ourselves, Essex County Council, the Essex Police Authority, the Essex Fire Authority and town or parish councils. The County Council uses it to pay for services such as social services, care in the community, schools and libraries. We provide a range of services including refuse collection, travel passes, activity centres for older people, care for the environment, health and safety, planning, leisure and recreation.

  • For every £1 we collect...

    74 pence goes to Essex County Council, 12 pence goes to Colchester Borough Council, 9 pence goes to Essex Police Authority, 4 pence goes to Essex Fire Authority, 1 penny goes to the parishes.

  • How to look up a council tax band for a property

    The Valuation Office Agency website contains the council tax bands of the 22.5 million domestic properties in England and Wales.