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How do I appeal?

Find out if you can appeal against your Council Tax band or if you have any other rights to appeal

Valuation appeals

If you think your home should be in a different valuation band, please write to The Valuation Office Agency (not us) at 34 Southway, Colchester, CO2 7BB. Click here for more information about the Valuation Office Agency

They will tell you what your rights are and how to appeal, if you are entitled to.

Other appeals

You can also appeal to us if you think you should not have to pay Council Tax at all, for example, because:

  • you do not live in or own the property;
  • you feel the property should be exempt;
  • you believe we have made a mistake working out your bill;
  • we have not given you a discount; or
  • we have not reduced your bill because you or someone you live with has a disability.

If you want to appeal you must write to us first so that we can look at the case.

If you have applied for Council Tax Benefit and you do not agree with our decision you can ask us to look at our decision again. You can also appeal against our decision within one month of us making our decision (you must appeal in writing).

If you are still not happy with our decision, you can take your case to an independent appeals tribunal by writing to us.

If you make an appeal, you must continue to pay Council Tax until your appeal is sorted out. If your appeal is successful, we will give you back any amount of Council Tax you have overpaid.