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Guidance on how to apply


Completing the Application Form

To contribute to our aim to be a "cleaner and greener" borough, when applying for an advertised role we actively encourage candidates to make a downloadable application via our website.

If you are unable to use or access the Internet we will accept a paper copy of our standard application form, which can be obtained by calling the 24-hour recruitment line on 01206 507343.  An application pack will be sent to your address.  

Please note that we do not accept personal Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) instead of our application form. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of being shortlisted for the job/s you have applied for, your application needs to be tailored to the job you are interested in and the information you provide us with to make our shortlisting decisions needs to clearly state how your skills are relevant to the job.


The Application Pack

An application pack includes an application form, equality and diversity monitoring form, Job Accountability Statement (JAS) and Person Specification (PS) for the job vacancy you are interested in applying for. From time to time candidates may also receive additional information in the application pack, which specifically relates to the role being advertised.

When completing your application form we strongly advise that you use these documents to help you identify the key skills, personal qualities and knowledge you require, as well as demonstrate to us how you are the most suitable candidate for this role.

In terms of previous knowledge, information about unpaid work at home or in the community can be just as valuable as paid work and should be included in your application.  

During the shortlisting process one of the main areas we will be looking for is evidence (e.g. examples of the relevant skills, attitude or knowledge you have) that demonstrates why you are the most suitable person for the role. 


Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form

You will be asked to complete an Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form.  Completing the Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form is not compulsory for most of the roles we advertise however the Council is statutorily obliged to collect this information to ensure that our recruitment and employment processes are equitable.  

Please note that you must provide certain personal information on the monitoring form if you are applying for a job that involves working with children and/or vulnerable adults, or working with official/sensitive information using a Public Sector Network. If this is the case, further details will be provided as part of the application process. 

When we receive your application, the equality and diversity monitoring form is separated from the main application form and this information is kept in a confidential manner within the HR department.  The managers who carry out the shortlisting for their vacant posts do not get to see this information - they only receive a copy of your application form (and CV if you have included this with your application too).


Returning your completed Application Form

When applying please download and save the application form and equality and diversity form.  This means you can choose to part-complete your application, save it and return to complete it at another time.  All application forms must be completed and submitted via email to before midnight on the closing date for it to be considered during the shortlisting process.


Availability for the Selection Process

On the application form there is a space for you to provide us with information about any dates that you would be unavailable on to attend the selection process.  Details of the selection process.

If you are required to attend an interview, generally there will be 2-3 people on the selection panel so interview dates are mostly arranged well in advance to ensure that all interviewers are available.  Should your application be of strong interest to the interview panel but you are not able to make the interview date we have advertised, it may be possible for alternative arrangements to be made.  However, we cannot guarantee that this option is possible in all instances.


Submitting your Application

If you e-mail your completed application and/or equality and diversity monitoring forms to you should automatically receive a response confirming that we have received this information.

If you post your completed application and/or equality and diversity monitoring forms to us, we are only able to confirm in writing that we have received this information if you also include a stamped self-addressed envelope (SAE). 

Our standard recruitment policy is that we only contact those candidates who we would like to interview.  Therefore, if you would like to receive notification about the success of your application, for postal applications please send us a second SAE, or alternatively for electronic applications please feel free to call the HR Team on 01206 282112.


Other Top Tips

To access an application form, under "Current Vacancies" you need to select the job that you wish to apply for and click on the link in the "Downloadable Application" box.  You will need to save the application form and the equality and diversity form before completing your application.

Do a rough draft first as this will help you to avoid mistakes, repetitions etc.

Complete as much of the form as possible.  The more relevant information you provide us with about your suitability for the role, the greater the chance that you will be shortlisted for an interview.