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Play Areas

Play area 4

The play areas, spread over three locations leading from the Visitor Centre car park, incorporate natural elements like wood, rocks and trees into a space with traditional play equipment.  Designed with the help of local schools it is for children of all abilities from toddlers through to young teenagers.

For your safety please do not bring dogs, glass or alcohol into the area.  

This is a no smoking and no litter area - use the bins around the car park or take your litter home.

Please enjoy the area by respecting other users and help us keep the site in good condition.

The Country Park was awarded £45,000 from the former DCFS Playbuider programme along with £10,000 of section 106 planning development funds to provide the  play equipment  which was built by Playquip Leisure.

High Woods Country Park play area - climbing wall   High Woods Country Park play area - swing   High Woods Country Park play area - toddler area