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Interested in having an allotment?

Colchester Borough Council has over 1100 allotment plots across 19 allotment sites in Colchester. 

Some local parish councils also have allotment sites. If you would like to enquire about parish allotments please click here to find your parish clerks' contact details.

More about the allotment sites run by Colchester Borough Council... 

Anyone is welcome to rent an allotment as long as they are over the age of 18 years. Colchester borough residents are given priority to allotments over people living outside of the borough boundaries. The Council only allows one allotment plot per household.

How can I apply for an allotment?

Apply for an allotment plot online by clicking the link below:

Apply for an allotment This link opens in a new browser window

This application will add your name onto the allotment waiting list. We will contact you once you reach the top of the list and a plot becomes available. 

How are allotment plots allocated? 

When an allotment plot is vacated the person at the top of the waiting list for that site is offered the plot. If the plot is not accepted then the person is removed from the waiting list and the plot is then re-offered to the next person on the waiting list.

If you had your name on the waiting list for more than one allotment site then once you accept an allotment plot you are removed from all other waiting lists.

How big is an allotment?

Any full size allotment plot which becomes vacant is halved in size to give more people the opportunity of experiencing allotmenteering. There are various sizes of allotments but a half size plot is approximately 126 square metres. 

How much will an allotment cost me?

Allotment charges are agreed over a five year period. The charging period for allotments is October to September which takes into account the growing season. This allows time for the majority of plots to be vacated and re-let before the start of the next growing season.

The latest agreed charges are below:

Full rate charges
 Period Plot rent per m2 Water charges per m2 Total plot rent
October 2017 - September 2018£0.32£0.15£0.47
October 2018 - September 2019£0.34£0.16£0.50


Concessionary rate charges
 Period Plot rent per m2 Water charge per m2 Total plot rent
October 2017 - September 2018£0.28£0.15£0.43
October 2018 - September 2019£0.30£0.16£0.46

All allotment sites in Colchester have a water charge applied with the exception of Grants Meadow, Folley Gardens and Goodey Close which do not have water on site.

There is also a £10 refundable deposit for each allotment key requested. This £10 is refunded at the termination of the tenancy agreement when the originally issued key is returned. 

Information about concessionary rates

You can claim a concessionary rate for allotment rental if you belong to one of  the groups listed below. The table also shows the type of evidence we need to process your application. By applying for a concession you are agreeing to inform the Council of any change in circumstances which could affect your eligibility. Concession evidence is randomly checked on an annual basis, and if you are found to not have an eligible concession you will be liable to having your tenancy agreement terminated with 1 months' notice.

 Concession Evidence needed
DisabledDLA award letter
Full-time Student aged 16 or over or awaiting a place on a full-time course (during summer holiday only).Student Identity Card and evidence of full-time course.
Registered UnemployedJobseeker's allowance award letter
Housing BenefitAward letter (dated within 1 year).
Council Tax BenefitRecent letter telling you about your benefit.
Employment and Support AllowanceAward letter (dated within 6 months).
Incapacity BenefitAward letter (dated within 6 months).
Income SupportAward letter (dated within 6 months).
Child Tax Credit (gross income £15,860 or less)Award letter (dated within 1 year).
Working Tax Credit (gross income £15,860 or less)Award letter (dated within 1 year).
Pension CreditAward letter (dated within 1 year).