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Recycling collections from flats - communal bins

Most flats across the borough share communal wheelie bins for both rubbish and recycling and your recycling bins will be in your bin store or close to your existing bins.

We collect recycling and rubbish from domestic properties across the Borough between 7am and 5pm Tuesday to Friday. This means that collections are no longer impacted by Bank Holiday Mondays.

If there are any exceptions to this, such as over the Christmas and New Year period, when bank holidays can fall on other week days, details of the collection arrangements will be made available in advance.

Please rinse all recyclables, squash cans with lids inside and flatten card boxes then separate your recyclables loose into the labelled bins - please do not put plastic bags in the bins. Please note, do not include used tissue or kitchen roll as these materials cause a health risk and contaminate the recycling process.

Items that ARE collected from recycling bins         Items NOT collected from recycling bins              
  • Paper and card
  • Cartons
  • Cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aerosols
  • Plastics, including plastic bags
  • Broken or sheet glass
  • Glassware, tableware or mirrors
  • Fluorescent tubes or light bulbs
  • Card lined with plastic or foil
  • Thick cardboard

If bins are full, do not leave recycling or waste by the side as it will not be collected - please ring 01206 282700 for emptying.

You can take other recyclables that can't be collected to local recycling banks and recycling centres. Click here to find your nearest recycling centre.

Tips for reducing, reusing and recycling in flats

  • Store and carry your recyclables in the handy re-usable sack delivered to you when your bins were installed
  • The less waste you produce, the fewer trips you will need to the bins! Buy products with less packaging, don't overbuy food and make meals out of leftovers
  • Start a shared compost bin for kitchen scraps and get some window boxes to use the compost in. For more information on home composting please click here.
  • Search online for 'recycling bins' to find storage solutions for small spaces.