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Recycling collections from houses - at the kerbside

The majority of households in the borough have their rubbish and recycling collected from the kerbside. These households are made up of houses, and bungalows, and some small flats (often converted from houses).

If you're not sure when to place your recycling out, view our recycling calendar and check your collection day.

We collect recycling and rubbish from domestic properties across the Borough between 7am and 5pm Tuesday to Friday. This means that collections are no longer impacted by Bank Holiday Mondays.

If there are any exceptions to this, such as over the Christmas and New Year period, when bank holidays can fall on other week days, details of the collection arrangements will be made available in advance.

Residents with a kerbside collection can recycle many of their household items by using the kerbside recycling scheme below:


Food waste

Placed in the external bin with the handle in the locked position. Read more about food waste

Food waste

Placed in the external bin with the handle in the locked position. Read more about food waste

Paper and card 

Flattened and placed inside securely tied clear recycling sacks

For large boxes - flatten and tie securely

Please note, do not include used tissue or kitchen roll as these materials cause a health risk and contaminate the recycling process

Mixed Plastics

Placed in securely tied clear sacks

Please remove any bottle tops as trapped air is a safety hazard during the recycling process. These can still be included in your plastic recycling.

Glass, cans, aerosol cans and foil

Cleaned and placed in green recycling boxes for collection. Metal lids for glass jars can also be included.

Do not place inside clear or black sacks

Please do not place knives or broken glass inside your green box. See below for further details.

Garden Waste

Placed in white reusable sacks with handles on the sides and bottom

Do not use plastic bags or black sacks

See your recycling calendar for allowed quantities

Real Christmas trees should have all decorations removed and cut into manageable chunks and placed in your garden waste sacks for collection.

Clothes and shoes

Placed in securely tied clear sacks


From 11 November to 20 March up to 8 garden sacks can be placed out for collection per household on a green week.

How to get hold of recycling containers

Boxes, bags and sacks can be collected in person from a number of collection points across the borough or ordered online, by email or telephone for home delivery. Click here to find out Collection points for recycling boxes, bags and sacks.

Green boxes and clear recycling sacks are available free of charge however only one item can be ordered per occasion. Garden waste sacks are available to buy at £3.70 each.

Click here to order recycling boxes, bags and sacks.


What about everything else?

Beverage cartons and batteries should not be placed out for collection on the kerbside but they can still be recycled.  To find out where your nearest bring bank is click here.

Knives, broken glass and other sharp objects should be wrapped securely in either newspaper or cardboard and placed in your black bag. Please help the collection crew stay safe by labelling the bag to alert them to the contents.

You can also take these items and other sharp items that could potentially be dangerous to the Recycling Centre for Household Waste, including to the scrap metals skip. Alternatively glass panes can be taken along to your local attended freighter service.

Please contact your healthcare provider regarding the disposal of any medical sharps.