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Waste offences

Waste Offences - Domestic properties (household waste)

All Households in the borough receive weekly recycling and rubbish collection.  

Click here to find out your collection day. 

For more information about recycling collections and what can be collected from your kerbside click here. 

Your recycling and rubbish should be placed on the boundary of your property by 7am on the morning of your collection day only.  Household waste, including recyclable materials, should not be placed out for collection before this time.  Sacks that are placed out too early are more likely to be attacked by animals which can result in them becoming torn and the contents escaping onto the public highway.  Litter is bad for the environment, expensive to clean up and unpleasant for all residents.  

If households place materials out for collection on the public highway and before the morning of their collection, we will write to the address to remind the householder that this is not acceptable.  If letters and education methods are unsuccessful, a householder may be liable to a £100 fixed penalty notice or a £1000 fine if convicted in a Magistrates Court.  If we are unable to identify which household is placing the waste out, we will usually write to all residents in the area as a reminder.  If the practice continues we will investigate the contents of the bags in an effort to identify which property is responsible.

Residents must also be aware that they have a Duty of Care to ensure that if any waste is removed from their property by a third party, that third party must be a registered waste carrier.  The Environment Agency have a full list of registered waste carriers so make sure you check with them before a third party takes away your waste.  If waste is subsequently found fly-tipped and an origin can be ascertained back to a householder, and the necessary checks have not been made, the householder themselves may then be prosecuted for failing to use a registered waste carrier to remove their waste.