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Help with your regular recycling and rubbish collection

We will assist you with your recycling and rubbish collection if you are physically or otherwise unable to place these at the boundary of your property. The Assisted Collection service exempts you from the standard boundary collection service and allows you to nominate a suitable, accessible collection point that is outside of your dwelling and within your property boundary. Your recycling and rubbish will need to be in the agreed location by 7am on your collection day. You do not have to be in at the time of collection.

Apply Online - Request an assisted collection This link opens in a new browser window

Once you have submitted the form, your application will be assessed and we will contact you.

For information on what to place out, how and when, please refer to the Recycling collections from houses page. Rubbish is collected weekly and should be presented in black bags. The Council does not collect rubbish from wheelie bins.

Residents receiving an Assisted Collection can request a free delivery of both free recycling containers and paid for garden waste sacks to their home. 

This is in addition to this service being offered to all residents, where all our free recycling containers can be collected at designated recycling container stockists.

Assisted collections do not cover the following types of waste:

  • Clinical waste eg needles, syringes and blades
  • Hazardous waste eg garden fertilisers, pesticides
  • Liquid waste eg paint or oil
  • Commercial waste